Benefits Of Using Fish Oil

Oil obtained from fishes like Herrings, Trout, Pilchards, Salmon, Sardines and Mackerel is known as fish oil and is available in the market with the name Omega-3. It is rich in fatty acids such as Docosahexaenoic (DHA) and Eicosapentaenoic (EPA) and these are the substances that will give you benefits when you use fish oil. Fish oil benefits are also the result of the large amount of EFAs that fish oil contains. Omega-3 fish oil is found to be helpful in many health conditions including Asthma, Ulcerative Colitis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Gallstones Crohn’s Disease etc. These omega-3 fatty acids are very much essential to our body, although it is not produced by our body hence we need to compensate its requirement through our diets.

How to use fish oil?

Fish oil, if taken directly with a spoon it may taste terribly bad, hence now days omega-3 fish oil is also available in the form of capsules or tablets.

And the fish oil benefits?

Fish oil is being suggested by most of the renowned doctors of the world to reduce the symptoms of many health related problems. Fish oil has been found to be a best treatment for eczema as it contains essential fatty acids EFAs, which deactivate the fungal infection caused in eczema. The leulptriene B$ substance that causes the eczema is reduced by the intake of EFAs. The portion affected with eczema shows positive result after continuous intake of fish oil for just twelve weeks. It is recommended to use 6g of fish oil for a perfect result.

Very often fish oil is recommended as a diet supplement by many doctors. Fish oil is beneficial for many organs of a human body an hence in-spite of taking fishes in our regular diet you are also supposed to take fish oil at-least once in 3-4 weeks.

Is fish oil good for your brain?

It is an age old saying that fishes are good for brain. So, the saying is absolutely true and has been proven by the medical science. Omega-3 fats provided by the fish oil is required by most of the brain neurons of a human. For mental patients, fish oil can be the most beneficiary as it may rebuild the brain cells and replenish them.

Fish oil and depression

Due to over burden of work load or some family related issues, depression has become a very common problem. People suffering from depression do suffer a lot until they get rid of it. These days, fish oil is being used to treat patients suffering from depressions. The fatty acids DHA and EPA have found to be showing successful results with depression patients. Though the final conclusion has yet to be developed, doctors and researchers are working on it.

Other benefits of using fish oil

Cardiac failure and other health related problem can also be treated with the omega-3 fish oils. Studies have revealed that the symptoms of heart attack can drastically be reduced with the intake of fish oil. The result has even been proved in world famous Harvard University. The EPA and DHA works miraculously in reducing such symptoms. They are even found beneficial in preventing cancer. High blood pressure caused due to blockage of the blood arteries with the cholesterol can also be reduced up to an extent with the help of fish oil.

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Ashfaq Orakzai 18.10.2009. 01:01

Hellow to every body fish is indeed a great source of omega fatty acids . It has good health effects on almost most of the parts of human body. Which includes heart diseases, hypertension,high cholesterol,and from some studies it shows that fish is very effective for male infertility and sexual debility.

jupiter 08.01.2010. 13:09

I've been using fish oil for years's great stuff

weber 30.06.2011. 15:02

I've just recently started taking fish oil supplements for about a year now. My mother swears they help with keeping the old ticker running well. The tablets are so large though, that I find myself skipping it some days. Does anyone know how much fish oil you're suppose to take a day. I heard that it is to no benefit if you don't take at least 2000mg a day.

Jim Roberts 30.06.2011. 16:24


I try to have lots of fresh fish (and reduced red meats) in my diet to reduce cholesterol and avoid having to take statins. As your article points out, even with an improved diet fish oil / omega-3 supplements are still recommended.

Cheryl 05.09.2011. 22:39

I have been giving my autistic son fish oil 3 times a day for about 4 years now and noticed a difference within a few days. His concentration increased and he also seemed to be more focused for longer periods. When I first started giving it to him, I didn't tell anyone and it was interesting when his teacher also noticed some increase in him too.

dc25 08.11.2011. 12:05

I heard that fish oil is also good for your eye site? Has anyone else heard that?

Matt C 23.11.2011. 15:51

After having tried several cures for eczema, I found that eliminating certain types of fish, particularly oily fish like Tuna, seemed to ease eczema. So I would be interested to see other research where fish oil is thought to help with eczema...

marc 07.05.2012. 15:07

jim roberts. i take a liquid form. gnc triple strengt fish oil. 1165 mg total omega 3

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