Could Fish Oil Hold The Key To Curing Leukemia?

Cancer And Leukemia

Cancer is just about the worst diagnosis anyone can get from their doctor, particularly Leukemia. Finding the cure to cancer has been a decades long goal of the medical profession with small breakthroughs being common, but without an actual cure being discovered. To the surprise of many, new medical research is revealing that fish oil could hold the key to the cure that might wipe out Leukemia.

Fish Oil And Leukemia

Leukemia is a cancer of the blood. Specifically, it occurs when the blood cells produced in the bone marrow start to be generated erratically and in a damaged form. This type of cancer is extremely lethal because it spreads much quicker and throughout the body since it is created at the starting point of the blood cycle. If the initial research on fish oils turns out to be correct, this starting point could also be where the cancer is eradicated.

Compound From Fish Oil Kills Leukemia Cells

Researchers at Penn State have been able to use a compound produced from fish oil to genetically attack a form of Leukemia and successfully kill it. Let me really emphasize this point. The compound kills the Leukemia cells completely, so there is zero chance of relapse. Relapse is, of course, a threat that hangs over every cancer survivor’s head for years after they supposedly beat the disease.

So, how did the medical researchers make this breakthrough? They created a compound known as D12-PGJ3 from the Eicosapentaenoic Acid found in certain fish oils. The compound is not designed to attack the cancer itself. Instead, researches designed it to find and turn on the p53 gene in each Leukemia cell. When activated, the gene controls the DNA stability in the gene. When it finds abnormalities, it suppresses the abnormal cell and eventually the cell destroys itself. It is then moved out of the body through the normal waste mechanisms.

Testing Leukemia Cure On Mice - Cancer Eradicated In A Week

In studies, the researchers tested the D12-PGJ3 compound on mice that had been given stem cell Leukemia injections that had spread cancer through their bodies. The mice were given one injection of the compound for seven days straight. At the end of that week, there was no sign of Leukemia in their blood, their spleens had returned to normal size [spleens inflate with Leukemia because of excess cell production] and the mice did not relapse at all. Yes, in just one week, the cancer had been eradicated!

This is an amazing breakthrough, but you might be wondering if there are any qualifiers? Yes, there are. The compound has only been tested on mice, but experimentation on human Leukemia cells is about to start. Also, the compound has only been tested on one form of the cancer - Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia. Still, the results are incredibly encouraging because the approach of flipping a cancer suppressing gene should work across many different types of cancer in theory, and certainly on all the Leukemia versions. 

Fish oil has recently become very popular because of the health benefits it provides. Unlike other foods that turn out to be less than the claims made for them, fish oil is proving more and more to be a sort of wonder oil. The fact it can be the basis for a potentially revolutionary cancer treatment, one that actually cures, is all the more amazing. The importance of a breakthrough like this cannot be understated.

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