Fish Oil Dosage

There is truly an abundant amount of fish oil health benefits that fish oil tablets, along with the omega 3 fatty acids, can bring. However, with the wrong dosage of fish oil, you just might get some effects that you never intended to encounter. Excessive fish oil dosages can bring about adverse allergies and side effects. Also, there are conditions in which fish oil tablets can become problematic. Therefore, while taking fish oil can be beneficial to your health, it is also very important that you take the right amount and an accurate dosage so as to bring about its desirable qualities instead of its undesirable ones.

Fish oil dosage often depends on what you are trying to target. For example you will need to take twice as much fish oil to aid Psoriasis than you will need to aid Eczema.

Keeping a Healthy Heart

Fish oil is known for being able to help reduce the risk of heart diseases like irregular heartbeat, coronary heart diseases, heart attack, hypertension, and even stroke. For you to be able to optimize the benefits of fish oil to your heart, you should take an average of 2 grams of fish oil. However if you are already suffering from a heart condition, you might have to raise this dosage or better yet, consult your physician.

Enhancing Mental Health

With the right combination of DHA and EPA, which are both found in fish oil, you will be able to keep your brain nerves healthier. The right fish oil dosage for simply keeping your cognitive skills working effectively is around 1 or 2 grams. However if you have depression, then it is better that you increase your dosage of EPA. Also to be sure, you should consult your psychiatrist as well.

Regulating Type-2 Diabetes

A regular intake of omega 3 can help stop neuropathy, which is associated with the occurrence of type 2 diabetes. You will be able to help prevent type 2 diabetes by taking in fish oil. The recommended intake of fish oil to treat this is at least 1.2 grams of DHA and 1.8 grams of EPA. This will help fight away diabetes.

Helping Pregnancy

Fish oil is known to help pregnant women carry on a healthier pregnancy and more intelligent babies in the future. Also, the intake of omega 3 can actually help them produce a sufficient amount of milk for when the baby is born. However with the rise of mercury poisoning, it is best to minimize the intake of fish oil and keep a dosage which is pharmaceutically approved.

Here are some other recommended fish oil dosages. For keeping skin healthy it is advised to take 1 g a day with food. Also for Psoriasis, 2 g 3 times a day is recommended, while 1 g 3 times a day is recommended for Eczema. While focusing on aging, asthma, and Crohn’s disease, it is advised to take 1 g twice a day, 1 g 3 times a day, and 2 g twice a day, respectively.

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df 29.04.2009. 02:14

please advice me of the correct dose os fish oil i suffer from mental stess that then effects my mental nervous system which then effects me totally..leading to slight form of depression and lack of attention and concentration...

many thanks


Eileen 30.05.2009. 17:43

I have just been diagnosed with RA and want to take Omega 3 to help my condition but don't know the dosage. My areas that are effected are fingers, wrists and arms. I am 64 yrs and also take Boniva to keep my Osteopenia "at bay". I also just take calcium tabs and a multiple vitamin. Thanks for your help.


harr 29.07.2009. 14:21

The dosage I take is one a day and the pills are 1000mg but the bottle says you can take up to three a day that would be 3000mg. It is like eating alot of fish so you could take alot more I would think. The kind I have has no metals in it or anything that you could overdose on so taking as much as won't make you sick could be okay but there is such a things as to much of a good thing.
I think I will start taking the three a day after reading that it is good for inflamation.

jacki reeve 30.08.2009. 20:47

Could you please advise me, i have a 6 year old son who suffers from poor attention span and very low concentration, what would you recomend he take.

Cathy 16.09.2009. 13:02

I'm taking 10,000 mg per day of fish oil.
I have a severe case of tennis elbow and it is helping with inflammation. I just hope I'm not taking too much.

Alessia 03.10.2009. 08:42

I am intrested to know if taking Fish Oil Capsules will improve my skin. I suffred from mild acne and due to it I have a little scaring and am hoping it will help improve the scaring but unsure.

tommy 06.10.2009. 11:27

@jacki reeve:

How about a swift smack to the face? That'll get him back on track.

Kristen 14.01.2010. 10:53

My 10 year old son has Bipolar and ADHD. I give him 2000 mg a day. (1080 mg EPA/340 mg DHA. It is doing wonders for him!!

Elizabeth 09.04.2010. 12:02

I have RA in my right wrist. I take 50mg of Enbrel once a week, 2.5mg of Methotrexate 8 tablets wkly, 12.5mg of Hydrochorot 1 tablet daily. What would be the right amount of dosage to take of fish oil and mg?

Mike Edmonds 02.05.2010. 04:31

Dear Author,
I like eating the fish: Mackerel, Salmon, Sardines; as it contains calcium (canned fish) and Vitamin D for my osteoporosis. What doseage of the fish would equate to a certain doseage of fish oil?
Thank you!

Chris 04.07.2010. 06:39

Dear Author,

You stated being Moleculally Distilled was a bad thing therefore why is New Vitality istilled in this fashion. I read your article and shared it with many, ordered New Vitality because it met all the good criteria THEN I see that New Vitality is molecurally Distilled-so can u clarify ?

Thank you

Navy 30.08.2010. 13:19

Can you substantiate your claims with a veritable source? I know I- as well as many other readers, won't believe a thing on the Internet unless it was shown to come from a credible source. (especially with advertisements along the top and side of the page)

Irma 26.05.2011. 14:44

I have been taking 1000mg of Niacin a day for my Cholesterol and it has been good. Now a new doctor added 4000 mg fishoil. He told me that my HDL is off setting my LDL. I forgot to tell him that I am also taking a baby asperin a day.

Am I making a mistake?

thank you.

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