Fish Oil Side Effects

The benefits of taking fish oil supplements has on your health are now well recognized in many different studies throughout the world. But are there any Fish oil side effects? The omega 3 fatty acid eicosapentaenoic (EPA) is known to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, promote a general sense of health and well being, lower triglycerides as well helping improve a growing number of other mind and body related conditions.

If you are taking a good quality fish oil at the correct dosage then the risk of getting any serious fish oil side effects are very rare. The most common fish oil side effect reported is the slight fishy taste after taking the oil and ‘fishy burps’. Other more serious fish oil side effects, which are not common, include diarrhoea, nausea and heartburn. There is also the chance of the occasional nosebleed as well as being able to bruise very easily. But these more serious side effects have only been reported by people taking gigantic daily doses, sometimes up to 12 grams.

One of the other side effects is that fish oil thins the blood, but this helps in preventing other diseases as well. Cod liver oil is fish oil that has been removed from the liver of fish. Vitamin A is stored in a fish’s liver, so cod liver oil contains high levels of vitamin A and D. If you take too much of these vitamins it can lead to vitamin toxicity, so it might be better to avoid taking cod liver oil unless you suffer from a vitamin A or D deficiency.

There have been several reports in the press about the high level of toxins, such as mercury, which is present in the fish, making fresh fish somewhat risky to eat. As fish oil is made from fish there is a slim chance that some of these toxins could get in to the fish oil. All in all there are no serious know fish oil side effects.

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linda 06.07.2009. 10:47

I started taking fish oil tabs(1200 mg) to help bring down my tricysrides. I'm also on warfarin as I have a pacemaker. My joints have been achy and I wondered if this had anything to do with my taking fish oil.

will 15.07.2009. 10:51

if your having joint issues, i would try glucosamine/chondrotin for joint repair. turmeric is also a good herbal alternative to deal with the pain.

georgina 16.09.2009. 23:47

I started taking 2-1200 Mg fish oil pills twice a day equalling 4800 mg per day. I was told thru testing that I was pre-diabetic. After taking the fish oil for 3 months I had my blood tested and I am no longer in the range of being pre-diabetic. Now I am going to see how long it takes to change the readings on my cholestrol. This is exciting!!

Judy Owens 06.02.2010. 11:36

I want to know how much Iodine is in any Fish Oil Tablet,as I have been told that I was allergic to Iodine & I'm very leery as to taking this tablet in any form

David Schaller 14.03.2010. 00:01

I am a Sgt. of Marines i recently bought a container of fish oil pills i matched it with the fish pill diagram its the second one. I have no disabilities but in regards to anything else i have noticed i can breathe easier, i can think into depth without getting a head ache, I can see clearer, even though the doctor says i have 19:20 vision idon't really care what he says he's dumb. I recommend taking the fishy pills. If it can help me I am undoubtly sure it can do miracles for you.

Sarah 17.03.2010. 11:31

Is fish oil good for your hair, skin & nails?

Ruth Dorn 26.09.2010. 13:40

I take coumadin. For rest of life, mitral valve replacement. Will this affect inr?

I also have a cat with digestive trouble, will it
help her? I recently spent 1300.00 at vet. She now
takes stool softener and fiber with all meals, still not

I remember back in the day (50 yrs or so) my Mom always
gave us kids a dose of cod liver oil. I guess the old-
timers knew more than we do.

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