Side Effects of Fish Oil

Fish oil has been considered as one of the best source to prevent number of health related issues, but they even have few side effects of fish oil which can’t be over looked. The growing popularity of imega-3 fish oil has been a matter of concern due to the side effects which a person can face. People should be made aware of both the aspects of fish oil so that they may not have to suffer in long term.

Fish oil contamination

Some of the fishes get contaminated due to mercury and the fish oil obtained from them is severely contaminated by mercury. Hence it is quite essential to make it confirm before buying a fish oil that it has passed mercury distillation test. The contaminated fish oil if taken can be hazardous to children and women. Though men are also affected but children and women are affected the most. Mercury is poisonous to our body and is found in sea or lake water due to industrial discharges. Now the fish dwelling in that contaminated water gets affected and leads to a poisonous fish oil.

Fish Oil Vitamin Poisoning

Sometimes a very high doze of fish oil which contains a high value of vitamins leads to the risk of vitamin poisoning. It’s a condition which leads to toxic symptoms. Hence it is recommended to use fish body oil rather than fish lever oil.

Fish Oil and Heavy Metals

The industrial discharge leads to a heavy metal poisoning in fishes. Fishes dwelling in contaminated water to contain heavy metal content in their body. These heavy metals could be lead, nickel, arsenic or cadmium. Fishes which are porn to these contaminations are largemouth bass, shark, sword fish, sturgeon, king mackerel, tilefish etc. Hence fish oil from those contaminated fishes may lead to sever body poisoning.

Fish Oil Dosage

Recommended dosage of fish oil is about five grams a day, exceeding to which may lead to diarrhea. Hence it should always be taken as per the doctor’s advice. Fish oil has one more property of acting as a blood thinner, so a person already using blood thinner should never take fish oil as it may lead to critically low blood pressure or an excessive bleeding. As specified by the food and drug administration that a normal intake of fish oil should not be 2 grams per day. This could move down the risks associated with fish oil.

Now a question arises that due to these side effects of fish oil, should we prohibit its use? Looking at the positive aspects of fish oil its use should not be completely prohibited. Fish oil has been found useful in preventing many health related problems like cardiovascular attack, brain functioning, diabetes, eczema etc. Hence, instead of abolishing its use, it should be used under certain criteria. Only those supplements should be used that are manufactured under good manufacturing practice (GMD). It should be made confirmed that molecular distillation of the fish oil has been done. It should have high content of DHA and should be free from any kind of contaminations.

If these rules and regulations are followed then the side effects of fish oil are only minor and very much outweighed by the fish oil benefits.

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Sophie 05.10.2008. 12:38

I had q really queesy stomack after taking the fish oil tablet like I was going to be sick.I have now stopped taking them.Why was I feeling so ill?

Bernie 18.12.2008. 19:07

I found that queezy feeling, too, but it was because I took them on an empty stomach. When I took them right before I ate, I felt fine.

Mike 11.08.2009. 10:50

I found fish oil pills that are encapsulated at Target. They have an orange part on the blue lable that says "Burp Free". It worked for me.

On another note, make sure you get pills that only have Omega-3s, not Omega -6s or 9s. I have made this decision after reading Michael Pollan's "In Defense of Food." The western diet already has way too many Omega-6s from all the carbs that are replacing of lipids. Read Pollan's book, it will open your eyes!!!

Doc green 18.08.2009. 10:42

it is best to take vitamins on a full stomach UNLESS they say other wise. Some probiotic Vits can be easily digested because they are a food base.

Take Fishoil on a full stomach. The benefits are a settled tummy and you soak in the oil in your GI tract rather than your belly.

- good Luck Happy Health

kelley 02.12.2009. 22:37

I am currently taking Fish Oil tablets. About 2 grams a day. And it find it to cure my appetite. Which is great!! But, my question is. Should i be concerned, or is this normal ?

Brittinee 22.02.2010. 13:18

Is it a healthy to have your appetite "cured"? Having an appetite is not a bad thing, its your body letting you know it needs to be nourished....if you weren't getting enough fat in your diet, you would find that you might be hungry more often...perhaps the fat content in the fish oil is helping you feel more satiated.

carolyn 14.03.2010. 12:05

I have had brain surgery and heart attack. I take 81 mg ASA everyday and Ultra Silver Vitamin.
Would you recommend taking Fish oil with those two problems?
Recently, I started taking Fish Oil and I appeared to become ill? That was the only thing I had added. I have had a terrific headache and just feeling BLAH after about 10 days of taking Fish Oil. Is there a connection?
The Fish Oil is manufactured by Spring Valley and each soft gel has 1000mg of Fish Oil.
Please advise, I would like to be on Fish Oil due to all its benefits..but?
Please no third party exchange of e-mail address.

Molly 17.04.2010. 13:21

I just started taking fish oils - took with with my meal - and I don't usually burp, but recently have done it more after eating...and oh my, the taste from the oil is horrible! What can I eat or do differently to mask that so I don't toss my cookies!?!

Dan 03.05.2010. 16:15

I always feel it's best to take omega-3 with food, nothing worse than feeling the pit of your stomach shoot up fish oil into your throat.

I take the triple strength omega-3 fish oil supplement that's advertised in the banner above. It's actually really good. No queezy stomach gurgling like the cheapsy nature's way stuff i took b4. I highly recommend.

Noema 18.08.2010. 09:08

My husband taking 2 AM n 2 PM of triple strenght fish oil for quite a while niw, n bad side effects occurs. He's having a bad mental depression now n if got worsen n leads of running away from home n abandoning us. I tried to contact him but his depression got more worsen. It hits his memory brain big time.
There some that had a good effect on people, otherwise not on others.

Barbara Smith 18.10.2010. 17:44

I have been taking Omega3@6 fish oil tablets for about 2 months. I take 3 softgel tablets a day which consists of 3600 mg in total dose. I take them with food and have not had any problems with my stomach or burping.
I have no side effects at all. I also do not notice a fishy taste when I take them.
I do not have any problems with my heart but after reading about the numerous health effects of them I started taking them. I am 56 and actually I have no health problems. I am also physically active, eat healthy and I am slender. ONe emotional problem I do have is depression. It has not made it worse or better: its the same. I read one of the comments that a persons depression has been worsening since consuming fish oil.
The article does not say how old this person is. It does say this person is running away. If he is older, it may be Alzheimers disease and may not be relalted to the fish oil tablets at all. It may be coincidental that he is taking fish oil and depression is worsening.
The depression could have gotten worse without him even taking the fish oil.

Rani 15.05.2011. 00:24

I'd been taking cod liver oil capsule twice a day, every other week my stomach feel quite sick after dinner, it takes 6 hours before I throw up & feel better.

Wanda 19.07.2011. 13:04

I have started taking dry eye omega benefits and find i'm queezy and crampy, and have abnormal bowel movements. I just started on Thursday last week. Do I need to let my body work it out or is this something that should make me stop taking them right away. I was prescribed them in preparation for laser eye surgery.

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