Why Is Fish Oil Good For Your Brain And How Can Fish Oil Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease

Eating healthy foods such as oily fish can substantially improve your memory and brain function. Fish like salmon and trout are rich with proteins and nutrients that are necessary for the brain to work well. Consequently they also help prevent certain brain problems like Alzheimer's disease for instance. If don't like fish, the best alternative is fish oil. Fish oil can be more practical because for some substances to have real effect on your helath you should eat quite big ammounts of fish.

Recently, a few studies have been made on this subject. According the latest study, the fatty acid usually found in fish and other seafood can effectively boost your memory function. Your memory can improve by about 15%. Now, because of this research and study, scientists are currently focusing on benefits of rich-fish diet for optimum brain health and prevention of mental deterioration. Another study that was made with 150 plus healthy individuals, which were given supplements that are rich with DHA. DHA is omega 3-fatty acid that is typically found in fish such as salmon, trout, mackerel and sardines (and in other sea food like mussels and prawns). During this study, the memory and brain related functions were measured and compared with a grou of individuals that were only given placebo.

After the study was finished the results showed that the memory of people on DHA diet showed some significant improvements. This lead the scientists to believe that DHA is an effective key ingredient when it comes to preventing the occurrence of Alzheimer's disease in general, not only when it comes to old people. Alzheimer's disease and dementia are usually associated with old people. According to a head researcher, professor Stonehouse of Massey University in New Zealand, this was the first time that they conducted a study that showed the effectiveness of a DHA rich diet or DHA supplements when it comes to improving the function of the memory in young adults.

Various health benefits you can get from fish food or fish oil supplements:

- The cognitive functions are the most essential functions of the human brain. These functions must work at all times, otherwise people have a difficult time doing their usual activities. So we must maintain a healthy brain because it is a vital part of the overall health and wellbeing.

- DHA help prevent the development of dementia, or condition commonly known as Alzheimer's disease. DHA is rich with saturated fats which play a crucial role in the proper performance of the brain.

- Most men included in the studies that consumed DHA supplements showed 15% increased memory compared with women with only 7% increase.

Every single year, many people suffer from Alzheimer's disease and other dementia conditions. In order to prevent the development of these diseases, a proper diet is a step towards a healthier life. Include fish in your diet - add at least 2 servings of fish every week. Or start using fish oil supplements. Both will give you fatty acids that are good for your brain.

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