Fish Oil Testimonials

If you are have been using fish oil or any of the fish oil supplements please share your experiences in the comments below. This kind of first hand testimonials can help others make an even more informed decision when thinking about using fish oil for improvement of their health. We thank you in advance if you decide to share your experiences with us.

16.09.2007. 13:07


Doshiam 15.07.2010. 10:06

The best fish oil on the market is from Carlson Labs. Their fish oils are bottled in Norway.

Greg 21.10.2010. 19:36

Before I was taking fish oil, I was suffering from carpal tunnel and tennis elbow. So I started taking it and both problems went away and I ran out one time and my elbow started to flare up and went back on it and the elbow was fine and I've been taking it ever since.I highly recommend it to everyone!

Eric 03.11.2010. 08:58

I was really depressed before, until I started taking 5,000 mg of fish oil along with 500mg of inositol daily. I did this in conjunction with power lifting mixed with cardio at the gym. I have tried my best to keep my time occupied so my mind doesn't wander.

Since I've made this change, my depression has been mostly under control. It's not perfect, but I don't worry about it as much as I used to, and the best part is I didn't have to get drugged up on anti-depressants. I think the fish oil also increases my endurance during my workouts, and is helping to lower my body fat percentage.

If I could only take one of the supplements I take per day ever again, I would undoubtedly have to pick fish oil.

Mary 02.01.2011. 14:03

My husband & I have noticed much less aching of joints and a noticeable change in endurance. We are 71 & 72 years old, and we have few friends who can bike, hike or walk like we do. I am waiting for my latest lipid panel results since starting on Coramega October 2010.

Tricia 11.04.2011. 15:25

After 2 weeks - my nails are stronger & longer! Also - I have a degenerative disc in my lower lumbar...I was just back hasn't been hurting. Well the only thing I have done different is the fish oil! I'm sold! I also suffer from Bi-polar - so let's see what it does for that! :)

Mandy 15.04.2011. 08:58

I have had allergies since I was a child. Nothing ever helped. They put me on Claritin, Clarinex, Zyrtec, Allegra, you name it. I get swelly eyes, stuffy nose, dry throat, sinus infections year round. Finally, a coworker suggested to me that I take fish oil to see if it made a difference. I tried it and have been taking it ever since. It makes me feel better all the way around and reduces all of my allergy symptoms.

Now, I am a vegetarian so I am switching to flaxseed oil - hoping it will be just as great.

earlcollins 09.09.2011. 01:56

Been taking,1000mg,almost up too three day.last mont and half.had really high-blood pressure,and cholestrol...,do too drinking,and smoking and not eating has done wonders.also had had severe mental,panick,anxiety attacks..,have slowed down,too!so gratful,for this pill.(vitamin).of course no pill does miracles but,follwing the right diet and alittle help..,we can doit!thanks fish-oil.

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