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So which is the best fish oil? The fish oil is extracted from the soft tissue of dark fleshed fishes that contains the omega3 fatty acids. Most important fatty acids found in the fishes are EPA and DHA. The omega3 oil is very effective to prevent the number of health problems.
The ideal ratio of omega3 to omega6 fatty acids is 1:1 but because of decline in the quality of food and diet has made the ratio to 1:25 which has a very bad effect on the health. The diet alone is not sufficient to complete the requirement of fatty acids in the body. That is the reason why it is necessary to take the omega3 as supplements. Fish oil is the best source of fatty acids, but it depends on the fish which is the best fish oil.

The best fish oil

The fish oil is mostly extracted from the soft tissues of the oily fish. With the large number of fish oils in the market it is hard to find that which oil is best for health.

The best Fish oil is capitulated from the cold water fish like mackerel, tuna, salmon, cod and many other fish. It has been recommended as a heart healthy diet for a longer period. It is not only easy to digest but also effective in fighting a number of health problems. The oil extracted from the cold water fish is more effective. The salmon and cod oil are proved to best as compared to the other fish oils. It has many special benefits for the health.

The other criterion to find the best fish oil is on the basis of refining process. The ultra refined oil is best for the health. It is refined through sophisticated and intensive filtering and good refining process to ensure pure and concentrated fish oil that is free from the contamination. When the fish oil is extracted from the fish it also contains all free fatty acids and toxins that are present in the fish. Good refining process ensures that these elements are removed. The fish oil is chilled during the process so that saturated fats and particles can be removed from it. One more advantage of refined fish oil is that it has a better concentration of EPA and DHA. With the consumption of less fish oil you can get much better amount of fatty acids.

The refined fish oil execrated from the cold fish is best fish oil for the health. It ensures the best portion of fatty acid from a small amount of fish oil.

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Mary Bragg 30.11.2009. 11:36

Why do I need omega3 and 6 if I am taking fish oil capsules.

b. pilkenton 13.02.2010. 13:01

I am on blood pressure medication, and have been told to take one baby aspirin per day. Is there any reason that it would be unwise for me to take fish oil because of this?

Kim 20.04.2010. 10:52

Just a response to Mary, Omega3 and Omega 6 are both found in fish oil capsules.

RMilam 21.02.2011. 20:33

I just recently came across this website after deciding to go with Fish Oil to help with my coronary system. I have suffered five heart attacks and having two stent implants, I took the advice of a doctor and purchased a bottle of NatureMade "Burbless" 1200mg Softgels. After reading several postings here, I got the bottle out of the cabinet and looked to see what I had actually purchased. Out of 1200mg total, only approximately 500mg are EPA and DHA acids. There are 120mg of "other fish oils" counted and 2400mg of Fish Oil Concentrate.
These numbers started to confuse me just a bit until I looked up the label and saw the other things that were offered with these capsules. Listed are Saturated Fat, Polyunsaturated Fat, Monounsaturated Fat, with 25mg of Cholestrol. Isn't all of these items bad for your heart? According to several Cardiologists in two different states that attended to me through five MI's and two main arteries having 98% blockage in The Widowmaker(LAD) and 100% blockage in The Right Coronary Artery, these doctors told me not to consume these particular things.
I am now shopping for more healthy fish oil to make my life better.
Thanks for the info guys.

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