How to Make Fish Oil Taste Good

Fish oil is a healthy part of any diet due to the high content of omega-3 fatty acids that are essential for good health. Unfortunately, the fish oil taste is usually unpleasant due to the high concentration of fish and preservatives. Whether it is a capsule or a liquid fish oil supplement, the taste or aftertaste will make it hard to keep taking. Fortunately, it is possible to combat the unpleasant fish oil taste.

Put the Oil in the Fridge:

A simple trick to help reduce the overpowering flavor of the fish oil supplement is putting it in the fridge. The fridge will reduce the flavor so that the liquid or capsule is not as strong and thus is easier to take in any form.

Keeping the fish oil at room temperature will only make the flavor gradually stronger, which results in an unpleasant and sometimes even revolting taste.

Try Flavored Oils:

Fish oil liquid is available with different flavors, which is sometimes enough to make the oil palatable enough to take. While the flavor might not completely mask the original taste of fish, it can help complement the flavor and improve the taste. Citrus flavor is particularly complementary to fish oil, so a citrus flavored oil might taste good to some individuals.

Mix It Into Smoothies:

Hiding the overpowering taste often requires taking drastic measures. Mixing the fish oil into a fruit smoothie is a great way to hide the oil and get the health benefits without getting the unpleasant flavor.

Mixing the oil into smoothies is best when working with liquid fish oil. If the oil is in a capsule form, it is best to open the capsule and only put the oil into the mixture. Try adding the oil to several different types of smoothies to determine the one that best covers the flavor or tastes best to personal preferences.

Mix It With Yogurt or Applesauce:

Foods like yogurt, applesauce or cottage cheese are often able to subdue the taste of the fish oil and make it easier to eat. The key is mixing a small amount of oil into the food at one time and eating a few servings of the food throughout the day.

Hiding the taste of fish oil supplements is not always easy, particularly if the tongue is able to distinguish tastes well. Fortunately, trying out a few options like mixing it with yogurt or smoothies will result in finding something that works personally.

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Matt 08.04.2012. 17:24

Very useful info for patients who know the benefits of fish oil, but cannot get past the taste. This is almost as common of the fear of fishy breath.
Great post.

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