Fish Oil and Beetroot Juice - Great News For Diabetes And Heart Failure?

A group of people from Kansas State University has recently been researching treatments for conditions related to diabetes and heart failure. Their main goal is to allow people to have more energy to do their daily tasks. This could drastically improve their lives. On the surface this research looks like nothing out of the ordinary. After all, diabetes and heart failure are very common problems. However, the subjects of the team's research are a bit unorthodox. They consist of rats, beetroot juice and fish oil.

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Fish Oil, Stroke, and Brain Damage

There are new developments in the field of using fish oil to help brain recover from stroke.

Information gathered and compiled by the World Health Organization tells us that acute ischemic strokes are not selective in their choice of victims. They can happen to anyone, at anytime, any age, any ethnic group, in any country to the tune of 15 million people worldwide annually. Strokes can cripple, disable, and kill. The cause of this dangerous and sometimes deadly event is blood loss to part of the brain caused by either a blood clot or atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries). When a stroke happens, time is of the essence in getting the victim to the hospital so that brain damage resulting from a stroke can be minimized or avoided completely.

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Fish Oil Increased The Risk of Colon Cancer in Mice

Doctors have been recommending fish oil as a way to help in the support of heart and joint health. A recent study at the Michigan State University has now linked fish oil to increased risk of serious colitis and colon cancer.

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Fish Oil And Aspirin

Fish oil and aspirin both have the ability to offer some level of protection against precancerous colon polyps. A study is now being made how these two substances work together and what are the results of taking both fish oil and aspirins at the same time. Scientists see the main benefit of EPA (fish oil) and aspirin that they are both safe and have few side effects unlike some other drugs that also help fight bowel polyps. Can the combination of fish oil and aspirins be more effective than each one separately? The study will take place in England.

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