Black Currant Oil Health Benefits

Black currant oil is extracted from the black seeds in the berries from the Ribes nigrum shrub that is native to Northern and Central Asia and Europe very near the Arctic Circle. For much of the twentieth century, cultivation of this shrub inside the United States was illegal because the plants can carry white pine blister rust that can infect pine trees and would negatively impact the logging industry. The national ban was lifted in 1966 after 55 years, but some states do not allow the cultivation of black currants because of the potential danger to pine trees.

When the black currants are ripe and firm, they will appear hard and dry with an extremely black color. The stem carrying the berries, called a strig, is then cut from the main plant and pruning is performed concurrently with the harvest. Heavy pruning of each plant is required because berries are only borne on new growth in the following growing season. Strigs full of nutritional berries are then washed, and the berries are finally separated from the strig. Seeds are separated from the berries and sent into a separate process where the oil is extracted. The juice and berries are used in fruit juices, liqueurs, preserves, and many other foods to enhance flavor and color. While many food products are enhanced by the distinctive taste and color of black currants, black currant oil health benefits have been improving the lives of many people around the world.

Major Manufacturers

Each of the major manufacturers collects the seeds from the black currants and applies different techniques to extract the oil. Most of these manufacturers do not publish the actual method used, but each claims that no heat is applied that would chemically alter the cell structure of the black seed oil.

Puritans Pride - sells 535 milligram capsules directly to the public through their website.

Health From the Sun - sells 1000 milligram capsules through some of the supplement websites.

Solaray - sells 600 milligram capsules and claims that no solvents are used in processing to leave the purest possible oil.

Black Currant Oil Seed Extract (BC105) - claims to be the absolute purest and best oil product because of their extract method, called Supercritical CO2, which uses carbon dioxide to force the oil from the seeds without any heat.

Black Current Oil as Fish Oil Alternative

Fish oil has been considered the best source of omega-3 fatty acids, but for people who suffer from high serum levels of LDL cholesterol fish oil can raise those levels even higher. Black current oil is proven to be an excellent source of omega 3 and does not negatively impact the LDL level.

Black currant oil is an effective fish oil alternative because it provides a natural source of Gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), omega-6, which enables the body to create its own anti-inflammatory agents. Joint inflammation causes pain in arthritis sufferers that can be relieved without drugs that cause side effects.

Health Benefits Of Black Current Oil

High blood pressure and other cardiovascular conditions improve when black currant oil is used daily. Candida, joint inflammation and pain from injuries, immune deficiencies, and chronic fatigue diminish in intensity and healing is accelerated. Skin maladies such as acne, psoriasis, and eczema subside, and the skin returns to health when consistent doses are sustained over time. Rheumatoid arthritis sufferers report reduced pain, stiffness, and tenderness in their joints.

Many of the auto-immune conditions, such as lupus, are managed more easily and pain levels decrease. For people with diabetic neuropathy, black currant seed oil has been known to reduce the tingling and crawling sensation in the limbs. Women report reduced cyclic mastalgia, breast pain related to menstruation, when taken consistently. Depression can be treated without strong drugs. Black currant oil has even been known to improve digestion, and enhance the function of the liver, spleen, pancreas and kidneys.

The body converts the omega-6 fatty acid (GLA) into prostaglandin which fights infection. People, who suffer from a weak or compromised immune system, report stronger resistance to disease and infection with sustained use of black currant oil.

Black Current Oil Dosage and Use

Refrigerated extracts are available, but the potency can be inconsistent. The most common form of black currant oil is the 500 milligram capsule, but some capsules come in a 200 milligram dose. The recommended daily dose is 500 milligrams twice a day. World health recommends a daily dose between 600 milligrams and 6000 milligrams, but higher doses are not recommended without consulting a physician. People suffering from the above-mentioned maladies realize results after determining the most effective personal dose and most say that 500 milligrams to 1500 milligrams taken daily is sufficient.

Possible Side-Effects Of Taking Black Current Oil

Anti-ulcer medications and antibiotics can interact with black currant oil. Review all current medications and ask your pharmacist if any fall into these two categories. If doubts arise, consult your physician prior to ceasing to take a prescribed medication.

Black currant oil can act as a blood thinner and poses a health threat to anyone currently taking a prescribed blood thinner. Blood that lacks sufficient coagulant properties can seep through the skin and even through the organ walls. Be aware of this interaction.

Epileptics should not take black currant oil because the seizure threshold can be lowered when taking evening primrose oil, and many people believe the same danger exists with black currant oil.

For people who suffer from fluid accumulation associated with heart problems or kidney disease, black currant oil can aggravate the condition.

Even people with relatively good health can experience gastrointestinal discomfort and diarrhea when taking black current oil for the first few days.

As with any natural supplement, consult a physician before adopting the use of black currant oil.


Substantial research has been performed to analyze the health benefits of black currant oil. All around the globe, people have reported improved health and reduced pain levels from diseases that once reduced their quality of life. Valid research information is readily available to support the daily use of black current seed oil. Consult a physician and use the proper dose to address your health concerns and see if your quality of life is improved within a reasonable period of time.

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