Soybean Oil Benefits

What Is Soybean Oil?

Soybean oil is a cooking liquid that is obtained from soybeans. This product can be used to season, fry and bake food. Like other cooking products, soybean oil is used in both homes and restaurants. Besides its practical use with culinary tasks, soybean oil provides nutritional benefits.

How Is Soybean Oil Made?

Before oil production begins, the soybeans are cleaned and dried. Along with that, the hulls are taken out. If the hulls are not removed, they absorb oil and produce a lower yield. In addition, the soybeans are heated during the preparation process. Heating the beans allow the soy proteins to thicken.

At the start of the extraction process, the soybeans are cut in to flakes. From there, they are placed in a percolation extractor. The extraction system has evaporators to separate hexane from soybean oil. Once that is done, the product still has impurities that need to be removed. Therefore, the soybean oil must be purified. A filtration system removes any oil-insoluble material. The rest of the impurities are removed through alkaline refining, bleaching or degumming.

The Quality of Soybean Oil

Soybean oil has a well-balanced fatty acid profile. The product contains zero trans-fat, but it is high in poly and monounsaturated fat. Quality soybean oil contains vitamins A, B and E. To get the best soybean oil, buy a product that is unrefined. Some manufacturers use hydrogenation to increase the oil's stability. However, it also increases the amount of saturated fats that are in the oil. The best soybean oil is the kind that has been minimally processed.

Soybean Oil Benefits

Not only are soybeans a nutritious food, but they can also improve other areas of a person's life. The benefits of soybean oil are incredible. Over the years, soybean oil has proven to be a valuable commodity. Read the following points to learn more about soybean oil benefits.

- When using soybean oil for cooking, it can lower cholesterol levels. There is no cholesterol in oil that is made from soybeans. The oil contains polyunsaturated fat. Studies have shown that polyunsaturated fat can lower cholesterol. A lower level of cholesterol reduces the risk of heart disease.

- Soybean oil can be beneficial to those who have arthritis. The oil contains phytosteols, which are an anti-inflammatory agent. In fact, the phytosteols act as a natural painkiller. Scientific research has shown that patients with arthritis need less pain medication than those who don't use soybean oil.

- Since soybean oil contains vitamin E, it may help prevent men from getting prostate cancer. Vitamin E helps the body produce red blood cells. A 100 mg dose of soybean oil will contain 17 mg of vitamin E. Studies have shown that these larger doses of vitamin E can prevent prostate cancer. Along with that, vitamin E may also relieve a woman's menstrual cramps.

- As people get older, their skin quality goes down. This is due to a number of factors. UV rays from the sunlight play a big role in the decline. Along with that, a lack of diet and exercise are also contributing factors. The good news is that soybean oil can restore some health and balance to the skin. Soybean oil is full of essential fatty acids. These fatty acids are the key to repairing skin cells. Vitamin B in soybean oil has also been known to reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

- The soybean is the only plant that provides an extensive amount of protein. It contains all of the essential amino acids that a person needs. Since soybean oil contains a variety of vitamins and minerals, it is great for human health. This nutritious product contains calcium, iron and magnesium. Along with that, it also provides phosphorus, potassium and sulfur.

How to Use Soybean Oil

One method is to use soybean oil for cooking. Substitute this product for other types of vegetable oils. Since soybean oil does not change the flavor of other ingredients, there is no aftertaste. Try to use the product when making baked goods. Compared to other oils, it creates a higher degree of moisture. As a result, baked goods that were cooked with soybean oil will have a better texture than sweets that were not.

Compared to other oils, soybean oil is also good because it provides superior functionality during the use of high-heat applications. For instance, it's often used in the food service industry to fry meals. Both food manufacturers and families can use soybean oil for its versatility and competitive pricing.

What is soybean oil? Well, it is a product that can also be used for purposes other than cooking. A small dose of soybean oil can be used as a nutritional supplement during intravenous feedings. Since it acts as a mosquito repellant, people can even apply soybean oil directly to their skin. Besides mosquitoes, it also defends against other insects.

Possible Side Effects

If people are allergic to peanuts, they may also be allergic to soybean oil. Therefore, allergic reactions are a possible side-effect. The safety of soybean oil during pregnancy is unknown at this time. It is considered safe to consume as part of the diet. However, soybean oil that is used in greater amounts may negatively affect pregnant women.

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